Benefits of Preventative Care

Top Benefits of Preventative Dental Care for Children

Nothing is more important than a child’s health, and that includes the health of their teeth and gums. At General Dentistry for Children, we specialize in providing a variety of dental exams and services to the youngest patients. Establishing good habits at a young age helps kids grow up with a healthy and beautiful smile. A focus on preventative dentistry early on in life makes it possible.

Benefits of Preventative Dental Care Services

Nothing helps protect the oral health of a child or adult better than regularly scheduled preventative dental services. After all, once you have a cavity, it will not go away. Starting the youngest patients off right can lead to a lifetime of quality care.

Parents who take a proactive approach to their children’s oral health should choose the most experienced dental offices that focus on children’s dentistry specifically. The proof of our dedication is in our name: General Dentistry for Children. All exams and procedures are handled with your child’s comfort in mind. We know that some kids get nervous about going to the dentist, so we do everything possible to keep the atmosphere calm and fun. Sedation dentistry is an option in many cases.

Regular Dental Exams

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should get dental exams every six months. This helps to ensure that they have no cavities or early gum disease; and if they do, steps are taken as soon as possible to treat them. These exams include high-tech x-rays and imaging as well as a personal investigation of every child’s mouth by the dentist directly. Digital x-rays show any malformations or other problems with the structure or arrangement of the teeth. The best way to prevent serious problems is to catch them early. That way, we can schedule follow-up appointments and treatments as necessary with a minimum of delay.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

These dental exams should include teeth cleaning. Of course, every child should brush and floss their teeth and gums at least twice a day. At the dentist’s office, they receive a professional cleaning with fluoride treatment to help prevent any cavities, gum disease, or other problems. If necessary and deemed useful, application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) on the exposed surfaces of teeth provides added protection against plaque and decay.

Preventative Power of Sealants

Although regular exams catch problems before they get worse and teeth cleaning with fluoride treatment helps to prevent them, children can also benefit from dental sealants. These safe plastic protectors cover the natural grooves on molars and secondary teeth as soon as they grow in a child’s mouth. These are primary locations for plaque accumulation and associated decay. The application process is quite simple and quick and covered by most major dental insurance policies.

Our team of doctors and dental assistants at General Dentistry for Children dedicate their education and efforts to the latest preventative dentistry techniques available. With proper exams, cleaning, and other treatments, your children can enjoy a healthy, happy, and pain-free smile now and far into the future.

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